Giving new purpose
to retired racehorses

Beyond the track: the journey to rehabilitating and re-educating retired racehorses starts here.

Racehorses have exceptionally big hearts, both literally and metaphorically. Our amazing animals at Life With Horses are learning to adapt to an entirely different life away from the racetrack. As they make their way through unfamiliar territory, you can help make a difference by contributing to their rehabilitation.

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Therapeutic equine experiences.

Based in Mount Samson QLD, our rehabilitation programs not only help retired racehorses transition to a new life, but they also offer tremendous benefits for those who help heal these majestic animals. By teaching these horses how to get back to their roots, you too can experience personal growth and empowerment. Our relationship-based horse experiences are designed to assist you in achieving your goals by reducing anxiety and depression, building social skills, and increasing self-esteem. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for these incredible horses.

Meet Kat, Life With Horses Founder.

Kat has always loved horses. As a child, she was a passionate horse rider who revelled in the freedom and enjoyment of being in the saddle. Of course, as you get older, life can sometimes get in the way, and after building a career in corporate event planning, Kat found herself constantly travelling, working away from home and was burnt out. Dealing with her hectic schedule and managing a chronic illness (Crohn’s disease) was affecting her health. She knew she needed to practice some self-care and for her, that meant a return to the saddle after 10 years.

I regained my passion for horseriding and began retraining retired racehorses.

After leaving my stressful corporate job, I travelled to the USA and Canada to train on horse ranches. Through that journey, I not only gained more insight into these incredible creatures but I also enjoyed improved health, both mentally and physically.”

Kat Creech,
Founder of Life With Horses

After this experience, Kat knew she couldn’t return to the corporate world. She needed to share her newfound knowledge with others in the hope that they can have a chance to rebuild their lives through equine experiences while helping ex-racehorses.

“And so in November 2019, I welcomed my first ex-racehorse, Scallywag, and Life with Horses was born”.

Photo credit to Michelle McManis, Alice Ban and Marty K

We’d also like to thank all our friends and family (human and horses) who have helped us get through the last 48 months of brainstorming, creating, planning, bouncing ideas and overall words of encouragement. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – THANK YOU!